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We are known for our good Waffles

We are known for our good Waffles

Welcome to Upsete Mountain Lodge. The summer season starts 19th.July to about 22th. September. Look down at the end of this page for information about the summer season.

(Winther season starts in March 2025)

The lodge is located in scenic surroundings at Upsete Station on Vossebanen/ Bergensbanen at the West mouth of the Gravhalstunnelen, a 2-hour train trip from Bergen and 5-6 hours from Oslo. It is located 900 meters above sea level on the highmountains between Hardangerfjorden og Sognefjorden at the top of Upsetedalen along the Bergensbanen . We can offer accommodation in an atmosphere of the 1950’s-70’s, and serve traditional Norwegian breakfast and dinner

Access in winther: Upsete Fjellstove is track less in the winter.A local train Vossebanen goes from Bergen to Upsete and it  takes about 2 hours. From Oslo, it takes about 6 hours with changes to Vossebanen available at Myrdal station where the Flåmsbanen are starting. It takes 5 minuttes from Myrdal  with the train through Gravhalstunnelen. Fjellstova is about 400 meters from Upsete station. From the railwaystation you must use ski or snowshoes up to the lodge 

Skiing in the winther:  There are many great opportunities for skiing in beautiful mountains between the Hardangerfjord and Sognefjord . Here are good conditions for moutainski and  randoneeski. Here are groomed ski trails down the Upsetewally to Mjølfjell and about 3 weeks before Easter, there a marked route to Kaldavasshytta DNT mountainlodge/Voss Utferdslag unstaffed cabin. Rout map for skiing  can be obtained at the mountain lodge.                                    

We have our owen tradition at Easter. Quiz evening on Thursday. Saturday are there Easter races and banquet.Easter Sunday morning  children are searching for Easter eggs that the Easter Bunny  have placed around the mountain lodge.                                                   

Housing:  We can offer accommodation in atmosphere from 1950 to 1970's, serves traditional Norwegian breakfast with packed lunch, and dinner. The Price for one nighth pr. person kr.1450, -  which includes made bed, dinner with coffee in the evening , breakfast and included lunchpacked with 4 slices.  Single room Nkr. 1550,-   

Fjellstova has 35 beds in single, double and doble room with extra bed. There are no bunk beds. The rooms have hot and cold water, and there are modern shared shower facilities and sauna. 

The prices:

The price pr.person is N.Kr 1450-.

Singel room,-.                                                                                                              This includes made bed,dinner with coffee/tea in the evening, as well as breakfast and lunch package.There is hot and cold water in each room, and 2 joint shower facilities one with sauna.

Sauna costs nkr.70,-pr. person

Children under 16 years are half price.

Children 0-3 are free.

Dog costs nkr.100,- pr.night.

If you have a sheet bag/bedcover costs nkr. 125,- less.

Youth price from 16-20 years with sheet bag/bedcover costs nk 1150-.

It is also possible to buy individual services such as accommodation and dinner. This is not posible at Easter. Beer and wine are available.

Sleeping overnight in made bed costs nkr.720,-

Sleeping with your own sheet bag/bedcovers nkr. 595,-


Breakfast and lunchpakkage nkr.345,-

One slice of bread nkr 30,-.     

Termos med Kaffe (1/2 liter) nkr.70,-                                                                                                                                           

Maincourse nkr.250,-

Rallarsoupe m/bread nkr.220,- 

Maincourse with dessert nkr. 385,-

Halfprice for children under 16 years.

Under 4 years free.

Staying overnight 

With all meals and  made bed nkr.1450,-. Singelroom nkr.1550,-                          

With all meals  and sheet bag/bedcover nkr.1325,-   

With all meals and seet bag/bedcover age 16-20 nkr. 1150,-

Sleeping without meals made bed nkr.720,- 

Sleeping without meals with your own sheet bag/bedcover nkr.595,-                                               

Sleeping without meals with  your own sheet bag/bedcover 16-20 years old nkr.495,-                   

We  have cardterminal.

Please contact us on Tel: +47 48 30 75 21 or  for more information and reservations. We have online booking of room with out payment. Look at the top of this page.

With kind recards from daily leader Ingrid Marie Sandnes

Summer/Autumn 2024 from 19th July to 22th September

The hall to the bedrooms
The hall to the bedrooms
bedroom. no bunks. We have 35 beds
bedroom. no bunks. We have 35 beds

For mountain walkers in summer: As the lodge is placed in the mountains betwen Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord. We have many nice hiking possibilities for hikers of all ages around the lodge.There are excellent fishing. A map can be purchased and we give advices about where to go.There is also the possibility of hiking to the Tourist Association's cabins as Kallevasshytta, and Grindafletne and Hallingskeid.  Hiking  through the Ugjersdalen to Myrdal or Kårstø and Flåm is fantastic. Be aware of that you have to cross a river without a bridge, and that there are no red T`s along the path. Important to have a map with you because there are no internet connection.

To Bicycle Tourists in summer:If you bike Rallarvegen to Myrdal, you need to take the local train through the Grave throat tunnel (Gravhalstunnelen) to get to the Upsete Station. The train takes 5 minutes and the bike can remain at Myrdal. Last departure from Myrdal to Upsete Monday to Sunday is at 17: 13. It is possible to return by train to Myrdal after breakfast, or walk 3-4 hours over the mountains back to Myrdal.

Rallarvegen to Voss starts at Upsete.Take your bike through the Gravhalstunnelen, and experience wonderful natural beauty about 40 km down the Upsetedalen and Raundalen to Voss.