Summer and autumn 2019

We are known for our good Waffles

Upsete Fjellstove is open from 25th.July - ca.1.October. Closed weekend 6th.-9th.September.

The lodge is located in scenic surroundings at Upsete station on Bergensbanen and the West mouth of the Grave throat tunnel (Gravhalstunnelen), a 2-hour train trip from Bergen and 5-6 hours from Oslo, Norway. It is located 885 metres above sea level on the high mountains at the top of Upsetedalen along the Bergensbanen and Rallarvegen. We can offer accommodation in an atmosphere of the 1950’s-70’s, and serve traditional Norwegian breakfast and dinner.

How to get here : You can come here by train,mountain hiking,bicycle og by car. Driving the car from Voss up bautiful Raundalen to  the end of the road and then drive on the "Rallarveg" to where it ends.

For mountain walkers: We have many nice hiking possibilities for hikers of all ages around the lodge.There are excellent fishing. A map can be purchased and we give advices about where to go.There is also the possibility of hiking to the Tourist Association's cabins as Kallevasshytta, and Grindafletne and Hallingskeid.  Hiking  through the Ugjersdalen to Myrdal or Kårstø and Flåm is fantastic. Be aware of that you have to cross a river without a bridge, and that there are no red T`s along the path. Important to have a map with you because there are no internet connection.

To Bicycle Tourists: If you bike Rallarvegen to Myrdal, you need to take the local train through the Grave throat tunnel (Gravhalstunnelen) to get to the Upsete Station. The train takes 5 minutes and the bike can remain at Myrdal. Last departure from Myrdal to Upsete Monday to Sunday is at 17: 13. It is possible to return by train to Myrdal after breakfast, or walk 3-4 hours over the mountains back to Myrdal.

Rallarvegen to Voss starts at Upsete.Take your bike through the Grave throat tunnel (Gravhalstunnelen), and experience wonderful natural beauty about 40 km down the Upsetedalen and Raundalen to Voss.

The lodge prices:

The price is N.Kr 1080-. Singel room                                                                          This includes made-up bed, three course dinner with coffee/tea, as well as breakfast. There is hot and cold water in each room, and joint shower facilities with sauna.Sauna costs nkr.50,-pr. person

Children under 16 years are half price.

Children 0-3 are free.

Dog costs kr.70,- 

If you have a sheet bag or sleeping bag is costs nkr. 100,- less.

Youth price from 16-25 years with sheet bag or sleeping bag costs nk 100,- less.

Just sleeping overnight costs nkr.490,- With sheet bag or sleeping bag nkr. 390,-

It is also possible to buy individual services such as accommodation and dinner. Beer and wine is available.

Breakfast nkr.90 lunsjpackiage 4 slices of bread nkr.52,- . One slice of bread nkr 14,-.Termos med Kaffe (1/2 liter) nkr.50,- 
Soupe with toast nkr.70,-
Maincourse 200,- 
Dessert nkr.70,-
Rallarsoupe m/focacciabrød nkr.160,- 

3 course dinner nkr,320,-
Halfprice for children under 16 years. Under 4 years free.

Staying overnight 

With all meals( full pention) with maid bed nkr.1080,-                           

With all meals( full pention) with sleepingbag og sheet bag nkr.980,-   

With maid bed nkr.490,-                                                                             

Without maid bed nkr.390,-

Children under 16 år half price

Students nkr.100,- discount.

We  have cardterminal.

Please contact us on Tel: 57 63 37 13 and +47 57 63 37 13 from overseas or    for more information and reservations.

With kind recards from daily leader Ingrid Sandnes